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The Millennium is our flagship snare because it employs the best wood, the best hardware and it's uniquely crafted with hand-layed inlay of your choosing (dis one has turquoise its purdy). choose from turquiose, magnesite, green malachite or brass shavings. IT IS WALNUT 

-uses only quarter-sawn wood for (stuff from the "process" page) it's more uniform sounding. 

hardware: heavier-gauge hardware for maximum durability to withstand a beating. thicker lugs, 3.0 mm hoops equipped with a DW mag throw-off and a 3-position butt plate.

-we do the double-45 edge on the millennium for quick attack and clarity. 

-wide, shallow, sensitive snare bed. allows the snare wire to sit on the drum head evenly for the most response. 

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